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Build Season Week 5 Overview



Yvonne milling mounting holes onto the frame rails

The Manufacturing subteam, led by Jameson C. B’25, Charlie K. B’25, Yvonne C. B’25, and Cole W. B’24, divided tasks effectively to prepare for competition bot construction. As Yvonne milled frame rails for the next iteration of the robot, the climber arms became the focus– Charlie and Cole CNC’d parts for it, while Aidan P. B’25 made progress on its gearbox. Jameson led efforts in the practice bot’s power distribution, mounting ethernet devices and having Mikey M. B’26 crimp more NEOs and SparkMAXes.

The new L3 swerve gear ratios arrived, significantly improving the speed of the practice bot. Additionally, with Falcon 500s and Kraken x60s prepared, Saturday saw foundational progress on the competition bot drive base. Having installed motors on the swerve modules and mounted the pivot motors, electrical components were added to our new belly pan from Weeks Waterjets.


The four-note auto achieved by the practice field team

The Programming subteam, led by Lauren L. B'25 and Julia S. B'24, made substantial progress. They focused on setting CANIds for the practice bot, achieving a commendable two-note auto on Monday. Despite challenges with the linkage mechanism and TunerX complexities, the team achieved a remarkable seven-second four-note auto by Friday! Extensive PID tuning for the flywheel and meticulous problem-solving contributed to their success.

The team later transitioned from Limelight to PhotonVision, facing mechanical issues on Saturday. The collaboration between Mentor Alex Delgado and the students on vision tasks, combined with rigorous PID tuning and troubleshooting, refined the team's capabilities for improving autos.


Finalized top pan design

The Design subteam, led by Rydar J. B’24, began the week by moving shooter and drive base designs to the competition bot and finalizing the top pan. The climber was finished by the middle of the week while Brad S. B’25 and Gabe A. B’26 progressed through the amp arm and CNC cage. As the redesign of the amp arm became the focus going into the weekend, other accomplishments include a 3-D printed limelight mount (Connor M. B’25) and a gearbox cover for the four bar mechanism (Carter W. B’26). Successful division of tasks were part of this slower week, but Rydar hopes to near finish the competition bot’s design with smaller hardware elements added.

Outreach and Business

The Outreach and Business subteams, led by Sol S. B’25 and Santiago Q. B’25, made headway on awards production and submission. Undergoing edits by Business/Outreach Mentor Kristine Grace, the Impact essay was reworded and reorganized to prepare for submission. Sol and Santiago, along with Marie W. B’26 and Carter M. B’26, submitted essays for Woodie Flowers. While some collaborated with Marketing to get Ice Cream Social promotion finished, Sol met with Robotics Activity Leader John Chase to discuss curricula for this year’s summer camps.


Designs for competition buttons

The Marketing subteam, led by Mac D. B’24, made progress in Week 5 through dividing specific tasks. Claire S. B’27 captured more visuals while Antoinette D. B’25 dedicated efforts to button designs. Amy S. B’27 played a crucial role in editing photos for the Impact effort and worked on a sponsor poster alongside Mrs. Grace and Mrs. Taylor. Adam A. B’27 primarily assisted Mac in Impact video production. Mac's supervision ensured effective coordination among team members.


The final game animation for scout training

The Scouting subteam, led by Griffin L. B’24, spent the majority of Week 5 ensuring everyone’s familiarity with the game manual through written scouting tests. In preparation for future training and our first competition, Griffin completed additional parts of the Blender animation to simulate a real FIRST CRESCENDO game. From the end of the school week into the weekend, Griffin was kept busy with more scouting tests and explaining game penalties.

General Management

Technical Binder's first section about our initial team strategies

General Management, led by David A. B’25, contributed significantly to organizational efficiency. Beyond the completion and publication of the Weeks 3-4 blog, David proactively refined next season’s Team Handbook. He also contributed to Marketing’s Build Season efforts storyboarding for both the robot reveal and teaser videos. David headed other practical processes, such as collecting sizes for new uniforms, monitoring attendance, in addition to elaboration of game strategy in our Technical Binder for judge presentations at competition.

Upcoming Events

Ice Cream Social and Robot Reveal Once the seven-week Build Season is over, please join us Saturday February 24 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM in the Campus Center to celebrate the team’s accomplishments. All friends, family, alumni are welcome to join us for ice cream and commemorate this milestone!

End-of-the-Year Party and Desert Auction Once our Competition Season concludes, come back to the Campus Center on June 15 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM to commemorate the 2024 season. We will also host our annual desert auction to fundraise for the team!

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